Membership & Costs

You can participate in a free taster course before obtaining a membership in our club.

How to join our club?

  • Complete our registration form
  • Hand over your registration form (together with a passport photograph) to a board member.
  • The board members will agree your membership
  • You will receive a welcome letter and a payment slip.
  • Transfer your membership fee to our bank account
  • That´s it. :)


Membership Full year
normal € 210.- € 120.-
reduced € 145.- € 80.-
children € 110.- € 60.-
seasonal depending on duration
extraordinary € 280.- € 150.-

Iaido Training:

Membership Full year Semester
normal € 110 € 60


Full year: Payable till January 31 latest

Semester: You can also pay the membership fee per semester

Semester 1 lasts from January 1 to June 31,
semester 2 from July 1 to December 31.

If you pay your membership fee per semester, the first rate has to be payed till January 15 lastet, and the second rate fill July 15.

Advantages of membership

  • Permission to participate in our training sessions
  • Accident & personal liability insurance during training.
  • Newsletter per mail & e-mail
  • Membership in the Austrian Aikido Association.
  • Membership in the umbrella organization of the Sportunion Vienna.
  • Every member is entiteld (except suspended members) to participate in all events and stagings of the club.