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What is Aikido?

Aikido has its origins in Japan. Its aim is not to hurt the attacker, but to convince him that there is no point in any further attacks. Aikido techniques mostly consist of round movements.

First, you evade the attack, then you take over the movement and continue it with the help of lever techniques or a throw into a direction you choose, similarly to a beach ball floating on a wave. There are no competitions in Aikido.
It’s not about being better than the others, but about improving your own technique.

What are the benefits of Aikido?

Coordination and body control are improved. The continuous rolling and getting up strengthens the entire body. Flexibility is increased, and self confidence is built. In Aikido you learn how to roll and to fall so that you don’t hurt yourself.

This is very useful in everyday life, for example when going skiing or skateboarding, or when it is slippery outside.en ist…

What does a children’s training session contain?

Aikido is a martial art requiring plenty of concentration and attention, as well as discipline. In order to avoid an “overload”, we play fun games to relax. Training starts with a short warming up game. Then we do breathing exercises, train our balance and stretch the body

A range of rolling and falling techniques are a fixed part of each training xdxxion. We perform these exercises in order to prepare ourselves for the Aikido techniques. After that, we practice Aikido techniques in the following way: The teacher shows us a technique, and the students watch what is happening. After that, you can try them for yourself. We finish with a final game, and that is the end of the lesson.

Who can practice Aikido?

Do you enjoy movement? Would you like to learn how to roll and fall correctly? Do you enjoy imitating movements together with other children, and working on the movements until they work? Then you have come to the right place with us. Whether you’re tall, small weak or strong, anybody can train Aikido. If you use the right technique, you won’t need much strength.

What is the minimum age to start training Aikido?

You can train with us at the Vienna Aikikai Union if you’re age seven or older, from the age of 7 to 14 at children’s training, and if you’re older, you can train with the grown-ups. If you are under 16, we ask you to bring your parents to the first training, so that they can get an impression on the martial art and have personal contact with the teacher.

What do I need in order to train Aikido?

Aikido is practiced in a Gi (Japanese training outfit, a white judo suit). Advanced pupils wear a Hakama over the Gi. When starting out, you can also practice Aikido wearing comfortable sports clothed with long sleeves. The long sleeves protect the skin when rolling. If you already own a Gi, you can wear it straight away. We train barefoot, therefore you’ll need slipper for anywhere outside the mat area.

Trail lesson?

In order to see if you enjoy Aikdio, you can come and train with us for one lesson without any obligations. Only after that you have to decide whether you want to become a member with us. As a member, you can practice Aikido regularly once a week (children) or twice a week (adults).

Are there any beginners courses?

No, there are no pure beginners’ courses. It is therefore possible to join at any time. Beginners and more advanced students practice together, those who have been practicing Aikido for a longer time takes care of beginners, and is happy to explain the techniques. The beginner has to watch carefully and then can try for himself. Both the beginner and the more advanced student can profit from this. The advanced student can pass on their own experiences and consolidate their own knowledge.ihm auch noch einmal die Techniken.

Is Aikido suitable for self defence?

If you have been training intensively and for a long itme, it is possible. But self defence is not the major goal of Aikido.

Training times and places

Thursday 17:45 – 18:45 Uhr Children’s training
Tonvoll Studio
Schelleingasse 50/3, 1130 Wien 1040
Verkehrsanbindung: U1 – Hauptbahnhof

Friday 17:00 – 18:00 Uhr Childrens’ training
Union Sportzentrum – Gymnastik – Kraftraum
Altgasse 6, 1130 Wien
Verkehrsanbindung: U4 – Hietzing 58 – Dommayergasse

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