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Classification of sword schools

Japanese swordsmanship is divided into two categories

  • Kenjutsu
  • Iaijutus

Kenjutsu is the fencing or fighting with the drawn sword. Iaijutsu is the way or method of drawing the sword from the saya (scabbard) and making an efficient cut in one and the same movement. In the 20th century Iaijutsu developed into the Budo discipline Iaido. While in Iaijutsu the most important aspect is the martial and efficient component, in Iaido the spiritual and moral development of man is in the foreground. The martial component is only in second place in Iaido.

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Dezember December

01.12.: kein Iaido Training

08.12.: alle Trainings entfallen

16.12.: Weihnachtsfeier

22.12.: letztes Training vor der Weihnachtspause

08.01.: erstes Training im Jahr 2024

01.12.: no Iaido class

08.12.: no training

16.12.: X-mas party

22.12.: last class before X-mas break

08.01.: first class in 2024