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Suche nicht nach Fehlern, suche nach Lösungen. Don't look for mistakes, look for solutions.
(Henry Ford) (Henry Ford)

The union´s purpose

The main purpose of our union is to nurture and develop the martial arts Aikido and Iaido.

Union Philosophy

We study the Aikido techniques in a friendly and concentrated atmosphere and each individual then develops the techniques further, according to their level and the effort they put in. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, everybody is welcome.

It is important to us to promote the physical,mental and spiritual development of our members in the peaceful spirit of Aikido. This gives every Aikidoka the tools to implement the principles of non-violence and harmony in their everyday life.

Attitudes and Values

  • We support all of our members regardless of their age, gender, religion or cultural heritage.
  • We have no political affiliations.
  • We are on friendly terms with other unions and organizations.
  • Our activities are not profit-oriented and our association is a non-profit organisation.
  • We condemn all forms of violence, whether physical, psychological or sexualised.

Union Principles

  • We base our teaching on the Aikido founder O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, and we follow the school of his direct student Tamura Sensei.
  • We don’t organize or take part in competitions, they’re not part of the schedule in our Aikido school.
  • We take the Aikido Dojo Etiquette to heart and live according to it.
  • In Iaido we follow the teachings of Tiki Shewan Malcom and the Musô Shinden Ryû school.
  • We are reliable partners for our members as well as third parties (sponsors, event organizers, unions…)
  • We respect our fellow human being and their needs. Consideration and dealing respectfully with one another is vital. Beginners, older people practicing Aikido and guests are welcomed with open arms and are actively included in the training sessions.
  • Communication is key! On our homepage, we offer our members regularly updated information on Aikido and courses, a members area with a personal access as well as regular information via e-mail and member letters.
  • Our training times, location and union activities are family-friendly and therefore allow parents and their children to walk the path of Aikido together.
  • Our union organizes training courses with interesting guest trainers and performances, and we encourage the participation in cultural events relevant to Aikido (such as the Sports Ball, Japanese drummers… )
  • It is important to us to lead the union in a non-bureaucratic, simple way and to work with passionate teachers and committee members.
  • The chairman is happy to answer any queries about the union organization. The postholder is responsible for any problems or queries regarding Aikido itself.
  • In case of a crisis, it is the chairman’s responsibility only to deal with authorities, organizations and the media in the name of the union.
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Dezember December

01.12.: kein Iaido Training

08.12.: alle Trainings entfallen

16.12.: Weihnachtsfeier

22.12.: letztes Training vor der Weihnachtspause

08.01.: erstes Training im Jahr 2024

01.12.: no Iaido class

08.12.: no training

16.12.: X-mas party

22.12.: last class before X-mas break

08.01.: first class in 2024