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Es gibt nur 18 unterschiedliche Techniken in Aikido. Beschränkt das die Anwendungen von Aikido nicht extrem? Nein, es gibt nur 26 Buchstaben im Alphabet und wie viele Bücher wurden schon geschrieben? Genauso ist es mit den Aikido Techniken. There are only 18 different techniques in Aikido. Doesn't that limit the applications of Aikido extremely? No, there are only 26 letters in the alphabet and how many books have been written? It is the same with the techniques of Aikido.
(Andreas Flamm) (Andreas Flamm)

Aikido principles

Ueshiba created the principle of non resistance, a violence-free path of self defence. By coordinating his or her movements with the movements of another person, he or she can learn to adopt the movements of the other person as his or her own, to control it and thus neutralize the attack.

Through this, harmony is re-introduced and peace can prevail. Ueshiba only did what was necessary to control the attacker, with causing minimum bodily harm

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September September

ab 8.9.: Finden alle Erwachsenentrainings wieder zu den gewohnten Zeiten statt

ab 14.9.: starten alle Kindertrainings nach der Sommerpause

ab 23.9.: Tag des Sports

13.10. - 15.10. Hirose Atsushi aus Japan veranstaltet eine Aikido Lehrgang

from 8.9.: All adult trainings will take place at the usual times again

ab 14.9.: all children's trainings start after the summer break

ab 23.9.: Sports Day in Vienna

13.10. - 15.10. Hirose Atsushi from Japan leads an Aikido course.